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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of arthritis that results from wear and tear to the knee joint and knee cartilage over time. Your knees, hips, shoulders and hands are most susceptible to osteoarthritis damage. If you experience osteoarthritis, you can engage in low-impact exercises like bicycle riding. There are many types of bicycle riding, however, and some may be better than others for arthritis treatment. Recommended Types While outdoor bicycle riding allows you to see scenery and be outdoors, the lumps and bumps of an outdoor bicycle ride, particularly if you're mountain biking, might be too hard on your knees....

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With or without weights, regularly performing squats is a simple and convenient way to stay fit. However, squats can cause knee pain, especially when they’re performed incorrectly. Further, wear on knees from sports and other activities can make them more vulnerable to health conditions such as arthritis — which can exacerbate pain — as well as injuries. Learning to perform squats properly can help minimize discomfort and pain during the exercise. Posture and Form Daily posture plays a part in preventing knee pain during squats. Just like your back and hips can begin to ache from maintaining poor posture, knees...

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