AGON Dog Canine Front Leg Brace Paw Compression Wraps with Protects Wounds Brace Heals and Prevents Injuries and Sprains Helps with Loss of Stability Caused by Arthritis

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  • Please measure before order circumference measurement: Xxs/xs: 2-4" with 1 strap, s/m: 4-6" with 2 straps l/xl: 6-8" with 3 straps. The length: Xxs/xs: 2" , s/m: 4" , l/xl: 6"
  • Why is agon brace the best for your dog? Agon dog brace is made of smooth mesh sheet which is easy to wear, doesn't hurt the skin, and is easy to wash. The nylon material used in the making are robust and flexible at the same time. The velcro in the brace is also a great addition to the ease of brace
  • The next time you dog needs a good support, go ahead with agon dog braces as they will never let you down
  • Sizes of agon dog braces   depending on the breed of the dog, the sizes would vary. Agon provides you with two size options which are small/medium and large/extra large. Moreover, both the sizes have two velcro, which provides the ease to the user and the dog and can help fit the brace perfectly on the knee or body part. To get a perfect size is crucial as it will not loosen and stay tight all long. A perfect size speeds the process of healing for the dog


Product Description

Agon Dog Leg Brace benefits

Torn leg is the most common injury which dogs go through, and that makes them lazy while they suffer from pain.
The disease requires can require some rest, support or even a surgery depending on the condition.
To provide support to your baby while he moves around with a torn leg, Agon Braces are always around. Wearing the dog brace will help your dog to move less which is highly recommended by the vets. Once immobilized, the wrist gets rests which reduce the pain followed by decreasing the inflammation.


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