Bracoo Thumb Stabilizer Support Brace, Spica, CMC Splint for Arthritis, De Quervain's, Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief, Reversible, Black, TP30

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  • 【DUAL METAL SPLINTS】immobilize the lower thumb & wrist; ideal to ease pain for tenosynovitis, Carpometacarpal injuries, chronic trigger finger
  • 【RELIEVING OCCUPATIONAL PAIN】from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and repetitive stress injury (RSI), recovery from painful sports-related thumb & wrist strains, post-surgery and post-cast rehabilitation
  • 【VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN】support the joints while allowing minor flexing at the thumb tip, breathable neoprene increases blood circulation to the region without excess perspiration
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY】teepee stabilizer fits left and right hand with easily adjustable strap reducing ache even while sleeping
  • ONE SIZE universal thumb-o-prene fits wrist circumferences up to 11.5”, and thumb circumferences up to 2.5”


Offers the right combination of support & comfort for your lifestyle. Bracoo puts your needs first and applies the latest technology and design innovation to help you improve quality of life.

Bracoo TP30 Thumb Brace

Chronic Texting Thumb Rehabilitation or Acute Strain / Sprain Recovery

Customers give our splint the thumbs up! By providing firm dynamic support and boosting blood circulation around the joint, the brace promotes faster natural recovery in the thumb & wrist. Embedded stabilizer springs help immobilize the lower joint while leaving the end of the thumb free to flex during daily activities such as picking up objects or driving. Enjoy a comfortable recovery with our quality breathable neoprene, which is skin-friendly and ideal for prolonged wear. The adjustable strapping and simple design can support either hand. Incredibly versatile and effective for alleviating chronic pain or acute thumb & wrist injuries.