COOLMAN Universal Pad for Cold Therapy Machine Continuous Cryotherapy Unit Replacement

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  • Design for COOLMAN cold therapy system, also suitable for similar ice therapy machine.
  • The material on the front is flexible, clear and soft polyether TPU, the material on the back is insulating sponge cloth.
  • Quick connectors is equipped with automatic valves, which will close when disconnect.
  • Can be used on knee, ankle, back, foot, shoulder, leg and hip.
  • Including one ice therapy pad, three elastic straps and one nonwoven liner.

Publisher: COOLMAN

Details: This univeral cold therapy pad can be used with COOLMAN therapy machine and similar ice therapy devices. Please check the quick connectors to make sure they are compatible. Why COOLMAN ice therapy machine is better than traditional ice packs: 1. SAFER: Traditional ice packs are too cold and uncontrollable, that may cause cold injury. COOLMAN cold therapy system can adjust the cold water flow rate to keep a comfortable temperature, reduce the risk. 2. MORE COMFORTABLE: The flexible cold pack is soft and does not contain hard ice. There is little moisture because of the flat shape and insulation, this also reduces the risk of infection. 3. MORE CONVENIENT: High capacity water bucket allow users to store more ice for multiple cold therapy, instead of getting ice packs from the fridge every time. 4. MORE PORTABLE: Users can take the device with them and keep it cold for hours. 5. MORE APPLICABILITY: The flat soft elastic therapy pad can be bent into many shapes. with elastic bandages, It can be perfectly wrapped around any body part.

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 6.9 x 2.9 inches