Large Gel Ice Packs for Injuries, with Wrap and Elastic Straps, Great for Hot Cold Reusable Therapy, Flexible Compress for Pain Relief

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Brand: MR.ICE

Color: Ice Pack With Wrap-36.5*28.5cm


  • 1 pcs = 6 items: The Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack is equal to shoulder cold pack, and knee, hip, back, leg patella, thigh gel pack, Total 6 items.
  • Large size(14’’ *11’’ ), Easy to cover the whole shoulder and upper arm, great for recovery after shoulder surgery, More Gel (weight of 1000g), keep longer on cold or heat thrapy.
  • Flexibly on pain relief on the hip or back, You can use the cover and strap to fix, or use the gel packs directly. The cold hot pack is made of high quality nylon materials and food grade gel inside. You can use for picnic cooler, food fresh and so on.
  • A special protective bag was prepared, effectively prevent odor when frozen in the refrigerator and keep clean when heated in the microwave.
  • The package includes: gel pack*1; Wrap * 1; Straps * 2; Protective bag *1;Additional elastic band *1;Instruction book * 1; Lifetime maintenance service card and Color box.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: MR.ICE


MR ICE provided a solution to relieve pain and comfort sore muscles While finishing overwork or physical injuries.

The incredible pain relief Hot Cold Gel Pack is perfect for you!

This HipHot Cold Therapy Pack Used for Back, Hip, Waist, Shoulder and Knee - Essential for Your Healthy Life

Cold Therapy

Freeze it in the freezer for about 2 hours with ziplock(this Extra protective bag will Keep out of contact with food in the refrigerator. Keep the ice packs clean and free from odor ) for first use. You can keep it in the freezer all the time and prepare for next time handily. Notice: If you feel it too cold - beyond your acceptance of cold temperature, you can refrigerate instead of freezing. Do not put the gel pack directly on you skin, better to put it in wrap and attach elastic strap to body .

Great for:

  • 1. Reduce inflammation around your injuries areas, creating an analgesic effect.
  • 2. Reduce swelling after the injury or overwork.

Hot Therapy

Make the gel equal and put it into the microwave flat, heat it for 2-3 minutes.(the heating time depend on the power of your microwave). Notice: For its large size, recommend to do alternate heating. The specific heating methods is shown on the back of color box.

Great for: Encourage blood circulation, promote quicker healing and pain relief for a faster recovery.

Whether you are suffering from aching knees, especially knee replacement surgery, or arthritis pain, sports injuries, pulled muscle pains, stiffness, this ice gel pack is the answer to your problem! Choose cold or hot therapy depending on your preferences and needs.

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.7 x 2.0 inches