Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer Includes Knee Bladder, 9 Quart Cooler

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Brand: Polar Products


  • Specifically designed for post-surgery, drug-free pain relief. Cold Therapy slows the blood flow to an injury, which reduces swelling, inflammation and pain following surgical procedures or trauma.
  • Easy to use time and time again, simply add ice and water to the cooler. The complete system includes 9 Quart Active cooling reservoir, Digital Timer with on/off switch and Knee Bladder with attached compression belts.
  • The brushless Pump is whisper quiet; it provides high efficiency steady, effective cooling therapy. Our leak-proof quick disconnect couplings allow the bladder to be detached from the system at any time during treatment to allow movement as needed. 
  • Our Active Ice System includes an electronic digital timer with on/off switch. This digital timer allows you to set your treatment duration, per your doctor's recommendation, in increments of 30 minutes. The timer is a critical safety feature! (Unlike competitors’ models, which have no timer or even on/off switch, they must be unplugged after each use!)
  • Our systems come with the largest cooling reservoir available, including our standard nine (9) quart, and optional fifteen (15) quart. The larger the reservoir, the more ice it will hold, and the longer time between adding ice

Publisher: Polar Products Inc.

Details: Specifically designed for post-surgery, when serious pain relief is required! Polar Products’ Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System is the most reliable and user-friendly therapy system on the market. The Active Ice 3.0 System’s powerful, yet whisper-quiet pump delivers continuous cold therapy relief. The system comes standard with a digital timer and on/off switch. When turned on, the timer defaults to 30 minutes, but can be increased by 30-minute increments depending on your health care professional’s recommendation. This is a key safety feature! The universal bladder can be used on any part of your body that needs focused cold therapy. Easy to use time and time again, simply add ice and water to the cooler. High flow, dry, quick disconnect couplings allow for flexibility to relocate if needed. Designed for use on the knee. Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System is designed to reduce localized pain and swelling following surgical procedures or trauma.

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 12.9 x 10.5 inches