Sumifun Trigger Finger Splints, Mallet Finger Brace for Broken Finger, Finger Knuckle Immobilization for Arthritis Pain, Sport Injuries

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  • 🛡️UNISEX PACKAAGES:1 Blue finger splint+ 2 pcs gel finger sleeves,Works for men, women and kids. Helps effectively on finger rehabilitation
  • 🛡️FINGER PROTECTION SET: Sumifun Finger splint can use Index, Middle, Ring, Pinky Fingers,❤️ please combine the gel sleeves to use if you have small finger, it can more work for Arthritis Pain, Sport Injuries
  • 🛡️COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE - The main part is manufactured by composite material, Designed with built-in aluminum bar, extremely breathable makes it extremely comfortable to wear, you can pair up your splint and sleeve for added support or wear each individually to meet your comfort level, compact and lightweight, convenient to carry.
  • 🛡️BETTER RECOVERY: can be worn at night when you are sleeping or during the day while typing, driving, as well as used for treating conservatively to prevent finger surgery or pain relief after surgery, Sport injuries 🏀🏈⚾🏐🎳
  • ❤️GIFT FOR OTHERS: Ideas for use on finger stiffness, osteoarthritis, sprained knuckles etc. Helped alleviating the locking, popping, bending, swelling, soreness and stiffness, as a gift for focus on your family, friends, lover' health life.


Product Description



Packing: 1 finger splint + 2 finger sleeves


  • 1.The finger splint:

Surface: nylon

Middle: Styrene-butadiene rubber

Lining: 100% cotton

PS:Built-in aluminum bar

  • 2.The finger sleeves:

100% gel


  • 1. Help relief the trigger finger, mallet finger and broken finger, etc.
  • 2.Help alleviate the locking, popping, bending, swelling, soreness and stiffness, etc.

Washing instructions:

  • 1. It is recommended to wash by hand
  • 2. You can take out the built-in aluminum bar before washing and save it
  • 3. Wash in warm water or soapy water, dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight

About the 2 Gel Finger Sleeves:

The 2 gel finger sleeves are just a little gift, you can use them together or separately, it depends on you, as long as you are comfortable to wear. This is different from person to person.

Our Suggestion:

  • 1. People with small size fingers can try to wear finger sleeves and finger splint together.
  • 2. Some people think that wearing gel finger sleeves isn’t breathable, and other people think it is breathable and will not sweat. You can try it. If you are prone to sweat, it is recommended not to wear a gel finger sleeves for a long time, use them separately.
  • 3. The gel finger sleeves can be waterproof to a certain extent to avoid wound infection or other irritating injuries.
  • 4. The gel finger sleeves can be cut to other sizes, suitable for your own size.
  • 5. Wear them together can help reduce the friction between fragile fingers and finger splint, avoid some other pain.
  • 6. Gel finger sleeves are not recommended to be worn all day.