Hip Support Brace

The Hip Support Brace provides your patients with unsurpassed comfort, functionality and control. For patients requiring a orthosis after surgery, the pelvic band and thigh cuff can be fabricated specifically to their measurements or from a cast. The preset quick release buckle closures enable you to ensure the same fit every time your patient dons the brace. The Orthomen Hip Joint offers infinite abduction, adduction, flexion and extension with one wrench making all adjustments.


  • Arthoplasty
  • Hip Dislocation or Potential High Risk Dislocation
  • Hip Displasia - Anterior or Posterior
  • Hip Management/ Immobilization
  • Hip Revisions
  • Hip Surgery
  • Post-Operative
  • Pre-Operative
  • Stabilize, Align & Reinforce Hip


  • Ease of adjustment
  • Patient compliance
  • Maintain proper hip position
  • Adjustability in multiple body planes


  • Universal designed stay suits both side
  • Five blocking bolts limit hip flexion from 0~140 degree. Adjustable in every 20 degree
  • Dual joints for hip flexion and abduction control
  • Soft abdominal band and thigh band suit for most wearer


Hip abduction braceHip brace after surgeryHip support braceRom hip support brace




My husband waist size is 44 inches, is good for him?

G. Schmidt

G. Schmidt

I was having hip pain every time I worked out, but this braced provided the support that I needed to make my workouts free from long-term pain. I am able to perform exercises that put a lateral strain on my hips without concern now.



I purchased this due to hurting my hip during a workout and then running too long on it the following weekend. After 4 days of wearing it I am already starting to find relief from the pain. This is great as I am to start training for a half marathon this next week and was getting worried about being in too much pain. I am very pleased with this product.

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