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Valgus / Varus Correction Without Surgery - Knock Knee Brace

Genu valgum is common among small children around the ages of 2 to 4 and will sometimes last up until the child is 8 years old where he or she will have grown out of it.

knock knee brace correction

If you notice that your child’s knees are touching while he or she is standing and their ankles don’t then they most likely have knock knees. This posture of standing with their legs turned inwards helps them gain balance so they can start walking and running in their early years.

Knock knee (genu valgum) braces can help but usually they won’t fully correct knock knees if the person is already at a certain age where their bones stop developing and growing.

The first thing you should do if you’re interested in knee braces for knock knees is to get consultation from a certified orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine doctor. If an orthopedic believes that braces will help your knock knee problem then they will suggest that you wear the braces at night while you’re sleeping to help realign you knees and lower leg properly.

The knee braces will help realign your knees into its proper position by pulling the knee upwards. The average knock knee brace will have to get attached to the shoes of the patient in order to help pull the knee upwards into its proper position.




 knock knee brace
             Valgus Adjustment for Right Leg

knock knee correct
             Varus Adjustment for Right Leg


  • Valente Salazar

    Very pleased, really helped my knee while running.

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    Very comfortable, fits well.

  • Munrus Ba

    Knee feels much better

  • Sarah

    Excellent!!! I have terrible Arthritis and these really help so I can run a little more comfortably! I highly recommend!

  • Carlos

    Product works as expected. Just what my son needed.

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