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Can Walking Help with Meniscus Knee Problems?

Sudden pain in the knee followed by swelling warrants a doctor visit.

The diagnosis of a partial or full meniscus tear limits your physical activity. In the case of a minor tear, characterized by slight pain when you straighten the knee and mild swelling that goes away soon after the initial injury, your doctor may recommend that you strengthen the muscles of the leg to support the knee joint. Doing the wrong types of exercise can exacerbate pain and aggravate the problem, however.

Use Caution

If you have a meniscus problem, consult your doctor before performing any exercise program. Walking is an exercise that can help build minimal strength, but your doctor may recommend other activities such as riding a stationary bicycle, leg extensions, rear leg raises and water exercise such as water walking. In some cases, the only treatment that will repair the tear is surgery.

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