Knee Surgery Recovery Timeline : Need You to Know ?
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Recovery Timeline

Knee Surgery Recovery Timeline : Need You to Know ?

knee surgery recovery timeline


Diminish Pain & Swelling

your therapists will reduce swelling by using cold and compression therapy. then you will start range-of-motion exercises.


Full Knee Extension

Through non-weigh bearing exercises your therapists will help you reach a full knee extension.

WEEK 3-6

Walking & Light Aerobics

Most therapists will start you on walk exercises, gentle strengthening, or light aerobics to help further your range-of-motion.

WEEK 7-12

Strength Training & Jogging

At this state you will increase you activity level; some patients start to jog around the 12th week in recovery. Adding in cold and compression therapy will help further your range-of-motion.


Enjoy a wide range of sports

At this stage you may start to enjoy sports like outdoor cycling, jumping rope, and many other sports that do not require side-to-side motion like soccer and football.


On Your Way to Full Recovery

You many then begin participating in most all sports slowly. Do not over exert the knee. Use cold and compression therapy to ensure a healthier and faster recovery.



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