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Reflexology treatments are one way to relieve knee pain

Reflexology can help relieve knee pain that is often caused by arthritis. Knee pain can be caused by different conditions including osteoarthritis. According to Arthritis Symptoms, by working the affected areas on the feet that are associated with the knee, a reflexologist can help to apply pressure and use massage techniques to release the calcium deposits and reduce knee pain.


Reflexology is a traditional form of holistic healing. The function of reflexology is to work on areas of the feet that are associated with each part of the body. Each session that you receive may work on different areas depending on the area of the pain. A reflexologist will generally work on any areas of the foot where she feels knots or bumps that are calcium deposits. By using pressure and massage strokes, the reflexologist is able to release any calcium deposits that are found along the area on the foot.


Before you see a reflexologist to receive a treatment on your feet, you should be sure and let her know about any knee problems that you have, and any surgeries that you may have had on the knee. Reflexology is not a medical treatment, and it should be used as a complementary method of healing to any treatment that you are currently receiving.


The effects of each reflexology treatment are different for everyone, and depend on the type of arthritis that you may have, or knee condition that is creating pain for you. Because reflexology is not a medical treatment and does not use any kind of medication, there are few side effects that you can experience. If you do experience any negative effects, they will likely make you feel dizzy or tired if you have a lot of toxins in you body that have been released during the treatment. You should try and drink plenty of water to flush out your system.


By receiving regular reflexology treatments, you may be able to have a greater range of motion in the knee, have less pain in the area and be able to move around easier. These are possible benefits, however, and should not replace any medical care that you are receiving. You can also expect to feel relaxed and have more energy when you receive a reflexology treatment.


The ancient art of reflexology has been used for centuries as a preventative healing method. The original practice of reflexology is said to have begun in Egypt and in Eastern cultures. Thousands of years ago people used reflexology as a way to prevent and treat illness and ailments in the body. Today, reflexology is used to help treat symptoms related to illness and to ease the pain related to arthritis, fibromyalgia or other common ailments that affect the body.

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may have to try this because painkillers not bloody working, its my age ha ha.

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