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Top 5 Best Hip Braces for adults 2020 Reviews

Patients that were in serious car or falling accidents that resulted in hip damage may need a hip support brace. The hips are one of the bodies main hinge points, allowing you to twist and control leg movement. If you suffer from hip adduction contracture, the pelvis tilts at an extreme angle, walking and sitting may become difficult. A strong hip brace helps your body stay aligned with level hips.

If you are rehabilitating a serious leg/hip injury you may require a hip knee orthosis brace. Soft bands wrap around the thighs, providing support and alignment for the hips relative to the knees. All braces have padding for comfort, along with internal metal construction, to keep the body supported and aligned. To limit further injuries, it is critical to keep the hips in a healthy position relative to the legs.

Here are the 5 best hip braces for adults reviews

1.Newport 4 Hip System

Post-operative hip management system

Post-operative hip management system

Orthomerica’s Newport® 4 - the next generation of post-operative hip management systems - designed and engineered to provide the most comfortable hip orthosis for your patients. Innovative new options increase function and control. The Newport® 4 is built on the most successful patented features of the Newport® 3 such as the adjustable clamping disk design and the tremendous versatility of the Virtual® joint.


post-op hip revision patients; primary arthroplasty patients at risk to dislocate, e.g., patients with congenital hip dysplasia or spastic/tight adductors; as a prophylaxis to reinforce hip precautions; inoperable patients at risk

2. Orthomen Hip Abduction Brace

Hip Abduction Brace

The Orthomen hip abduction brace offers the comfortable, easy-to-use support your patients need in an innovative design that saves you money. Goals: Ease of adjustment, Patient compliance, Maintain proper hip position, Adjustability in multiple body planes

FEATURES:Universal designed stay suits both side, Five blocking bolts limit hip flexion from 0~140 degree. Adjustable in every 20 degree, Dual joints for hip flexion and abduction control, Soft abdominal band and thigh band suit for most wearer


Arthoplasty; Hip Dislocation or Potential High Risk Dislocation; Hip Displasia - Anterior or Posterior; Hip Management/ Immobilization; Hip Revisions; Hip Surgery; Post-Operative; Pre-Operative; Stabilize, Align & Reinforce Hip

3.Medi Hip Orthosis

medi_hip brace

Functional hip joint orthosis with range of motion


post-operative stabilisation after primary total hip replacement; post-operative stabilisation after hip revision surgery; after femoral head resection; after correction osteotomy; preoperative unloading

4.Bledsoe Centron Hip Brace

Bledsoe Centron Hip Brace

The Bledsoe Centron Hip Brace (formerly the HippO) resists rotation of the hip and provides for effective post-surgical protection. The orthosis is designed to protect total hip patients who are at risk to dislocate their hip, and to promote healing after hip surgery (particularly revisions). The orthosis is lightweight and features a low-profile, universal design (left/right, male/female) that reduces the typical cost associated with maintaining a complete inventory of pelvic girdles, thigh cuffs, hip joints and bars. The complete Bledsoe Centron hip brace can be ordered directly from the pulldown menu above. Please call us if you need just specific components only as these are custom ordered.


The Bledsoe Centron Hip Brace may be used for: Protecting patients who are at risk for dislocating their hip; Promote safe healing following hip surgery (particularly revisions).

5.Breg T-Scope Hip Brace

Breg T-Scope Hip Brace

The Breg T-Scope Hip Brace delivers a patient-centric design to provide unprecedented comfort, simplicity and support during post-operative hip rehabilitation. Developed in conjunction with physicians specializing in injuries, instabilities, and arthroscopy of the hip, the T Scope Hip brace incorporates Breg's premium and time-tested technologies. It features Breg's telescoping design for a fast, universal fit; the patented T Scope Range-of-Motion hinge with quick-adjusting stops; a "Quick Lock" to lock out brace positions with the push of a button; and a unique waist compression lacing system that gives patients an easy "one-handed pull" to provide an intimate fit and offer additional back support. Padding throughout the brace, and thoughtful details, like cushioned hand protection when using crutches and easy to use features, help ensure patient compliance.

The Breg T-Scope Hip is designed for performance, easy-to-use adjustability, and lightweight patient comfort.


The Breg T-Scope Hip Brace may be used to help recover following:Hip arthroscopy.Femular Acetabular Impingement (FAI).Gluteus Medius repairs.Hamstring repairs.Hip labral repair and resection.Hip Capsulotomy.Loose/Foreign body removal.Psoas release.Microfracture procedures.

How the Hip Brace limits and controls the patient’s hip range-of-motion to promote post-operative rehabilitation.

 Hip Brace post-operative rehabilitation




Sep 19, 2020
Norman Payerle

If I walk upright, I get no compensatory muscle pain avoiding temporay internal pressure of fulless. When I put slight forward pressure on my lower back left side and/or back pressure on my upper left thigh, I walk upright without a cane without pain ! About 15 yers ago, I had osteoarthritis diagnosis of the knee, for which the Dr. prescribed a temporary knee flexible brace for use playing tennis . After short time use, didn’t need it, no operation, knee fine plaed tennis ok since. Is there a flexible brace that would temporarily help me maintain an upright walking position while postponing a hip operation for similar diagnosis?

May 13, 2020

My left hip is week. Is there any brace for walking me independently without any walker or aid. Left leg is also week. Is C – Brace will suit my problem.

Oct 15, 2019
Jay Fickes

@Walt Waring post-operative stabilisation after primary total hip replacement; post-operative stabilisation after hip revision surgery; after femoral head resection; after correction osteotomy; preoperative unloading

Jul 26, 2019
Walt Waring

I have no left hip. Is there a brace that will allow me to walk with no walker or aid?

Feb 14, 2019
pauline darlington

looking for the best brace for right side and knee brace

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