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How can I most cost efficiently help my left leg with knock kneed ?

There could be a few reasons for this, especially when you are noticing it only on one side. It could just be structural --the way you are put together--you could have one leg longer than the other or your hips may be situated in the pelvis a bit differently.  You could have some degeneration/arthritis of the knee joint and you may need to seek out a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon.

If your left leg is only slightly knock kneed, you may be able to do a few things to correct it or at least prevent it from worsening.

Often the hip muscles are weak, often more on one side than the other.  Working on things like side plank and bridging can help strengthen and restore a balance between your 2 legs. (its free!)

Watch your posture---do you always stand more on one leg than the other? If so, do your best to correct that. (its free!)

You may have some issues from the bottom up, meaning you may need extra support in your shoes. This could be in the form of arch supports of which I would recommend using on both sides even though its only your left leg that is bothering you. 

There are also medial unloading knee braces which will take the pressure off the inside of your knee (the knock kneed part).  These braces are designed more for people having knee pain or with known arthritis. 

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