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Do Post Op Hinged Knee Braces Work?

 When recovering from a surgical procedure, it's almost guaranteed that you'll require at least one postoperative knee brace. Post-op braces are extremely helpful in helping to reduce pain and swelling as well as in the prevention of further injury to the knee. They also help prevent loss of motion, which can be quite detrimental to healing. The post-op brace offer a great deal of comfort during recovery and the adjustable locking dial helps to ensure that the brace is adjusted correctly for each patient's needs.

This post operative recovery device is designed to keep the wearer's leg straight during the recovery period. With its large hinges, it provides the much needed post-operative support to the wearer's leg and decreases stress on the weak muscles and tendons. The hinges also increase the leg's range of motion, which can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort that is experienced.

One of the main advantages of the surgical knee brace is its design. The hinge has a post operatively adjustable range of motion that ranges between either full extension or full flexion. Because of the way the hinge works, it is possible to have full extension or full flexion control without having to actually change the angle of the knee. This allows the wearer a greater degree of post op freedom, allowing for a range of motion that is much more comfortable. However, because of the hinges only being able to work in one plane, most people would not have a great amount of flexibility and motion correction without some type of assist.

Another design feature of the surgical knee brace for large legs is the fact that the braces are one size fits all. No matter how large your legs are you can find a supportive brace that will work effectively for your body. The one size fits all aspect of the brace helps make it very practical for anyone who may need post-op support but does not want to have to try and modify their regular size.

The most common design feature of these braces is the use of straps to help secure them around the legs. These straps are typically made out of synthetic material, which will not irritate one's skin. The surgical knee brace for large legs will often use hook and loop straps to help secure the post-op wrap or band on the leg. Which allows for a more secure fit. Many of the strapping styles will have pre-made clasps and straps that make it easier to get the post-op wrap on and off without having to get into the process of modifying the shoe or socks to accommodate the new knee brace.

In addition to being functional, there are also some medical reasons to consider a surgical knee brace. If a person suffers from a knee injury, their knee support can help prevent additional pain and injury from occurring. This type of knee brace is also great for any person who is suffering from ligament injuries, which can be either minor or severe. Surgical knee braces can help restore motion and strength to the ligaments that support the knee.

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