How To Choose One Best Type Of Knee Brace For Your Knee Pain?
Different Types of Knee Braces
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How To Choose One Best Type Of Knee Brace For Your Knee Pain?

 Knee pain occurs due to an injury or inflammation in the joint. In addition, excess body weight and overuse of the legs can cause knee pain too. It affects people of all ages. The inflammation of tissues present in the joint is called arthritis. The inner portion of the knee is affected more than the outer part. Knee braces can be used to relieve knee pain.

What Are the Different Types of Knee Braces?

Knee braces are classified into four types depending on their uses. They are as follows;

Prophylactic Type: It can be used while playing sports to prevent injuries to the joint. 

Functional Type: It decreases the instability in the knee and facilitates walking after an injury.

Patellofemoral Type: It prevents lateral displacement of the joint and decreases the pain. It helps to protect the ligament from further injuries.

Rehabilitative Type: A surgically repaired or injured knee requires care while walking. Rehabilitative braces keep the joint in an aligned position and safeguard the knee while walking.

What Is the Purpose of Knee Braces?

The uses of knee braces for knee pain are as follows;

A knee brace helps to reduce knee pain by shifting the excess weight of the affected knee. This is known as an unloader brace.

During walking, an individual with excess weight feels pressure in the joint. A knee brace helps the individual to walk comfortably by relieving the pressure. It improves the ability to walk.

The wear and tear of the joints with inflammation are commonly seen in older people. It is known as osteoarthritis. It affects one side of the knee more than the other. It can result in malalignment. A knee brace is used to prevent such conditions.

Some patients utilize a knee brace as a support for the knee after surgery.


How to Choose a Knee Brace for Knee Pain?

The individual should choose a knee brace after consulting a medical provider or physical therapist.

Medical Condition: Knee braces should be chosen depending on the joint condition or injury.

Type of Material: Few materials prevent dryness and release moisture. Choose a sturdy knee brace. It should be comfortable while wearing. It should be in a favorable position while walking.

Support: Some knee braces support the middle portion of the knee while other knee braces support the external knee. So the individual should choose the knee brace depending on the area of support.

Size: Each individual has a different knee size. Choose the knee brace according to the knee size.

Left or Right Side: Some knee braces are manufactured particularly for the right side or left side of the knee. Choose a suitable knee brace accordingly.

Custom Made: The individual with orthopedic problems like malalignment and deformity in the joints requires a specially designed knee brace to fit the knee. In such situations, the medical professional refers the individual to an orthotist for measurement. An orthotist will provide a custom-made knee brace to improve knee function. However, it is a bit costlier compared to normal knee braces.



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