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Helping Your Painful Knee Osteoarthritis - The Appropriate Knee Brace

There are different kinds of knee braces and it's important for your doctor or a health professional to help decide which knee brace might be appropriate for you. Three knee components to consider are:

* medial (on the inside of the knee joint)
* lateral (on the outside of the knee joint)
* patellofemoral (behind the kneecap)

Usually knee braces are recommended for patients who have cartilage loss in one component of the knee, also known as unicompartmental knee damage. Osteoarthritis most commonly develops in the medial component.

1. OA Unloader Knee Brace

2. OA Knee Brace Booster



  • Adam

    I had recently used knee supports with the unloader one. I find this brace to provide better support and more comfort. A well made product.

  • adam proctor

    The OA braces fit great and have really helped me deal with knee pain.

  • Karen Flores

    bought this for my mother who had a knee pain with bone-on-bone. It really helped relieve her knee pain.

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