Looking for a lateral unloader knee brace for arthritis?  A lateral unloading knee brace is specifically designed to offload the outside aspect of your knee joint from bone on bone degenerative changes.  The braces are easy to adjust for more or less unloading.  Simply dial up more "unloading" on days when you're having more pain than usual with walking, and decrease it for days when you're knee feels pretty good. 

       Varus Alignment of the Knee

Varus Alignment            Forces applied by  
of the Knee                  Thruster Technology

Our lateral unloader knee brace models impart three points of force across your knee to create a gapping effect to provide pain relief.  They're lightweight, stylish, and draw positve attention from other osteoarthritis sufferers who'll want to know more about this type of brace. 


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Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel

Has helped out a lot. I have tried at several, it fits great and I can work 12+ hours

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