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How The OA Knee Brace Booster Works

 Osteoarthritis alters the natural characteristics of the knee joint. This generally occurs as part of the aging process or as the result of an earlier knee injury or knee surgery. OA causes degeneration of the articular cartilage and tissues which provide a natural cushion between the bones in the knee. Patients with OA will often have abnormal angulation of the leg -- medial OA causes the knee to bow out and lateral OA causes the knee to bow in. When you stand or walk and all of your weight is on your affected leg, your body weight is concentrated on the damaged side of the knee. This bone-on-bone contact can cause swelling, pain and other symptoms during and after routine physical activity. The OA knee brace booster is custom fabricated with rigid graphite shells. The brace is designed to provide a three point pressure system (see picture). The corrective force applied to the leg is intended to maintain normal alignment (reduce abnormal angulation) and redistribute weight away from the damaged side of your knee. Relieving the load and maintaining a more neutral alignment of the leg generally relieves knee pain and reduces degeneration of the joint.

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Jul 05, 2016


Jul 02, 2016
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