The purpose behind most orthopedic surgical procedures is to increase and enhance mobility of a joint as well as to repair damaged bone, muscular, or neural tissues caused by sports injuries, arthritis, fractures, and muscle and bone diseases. Common orthopedic services and procedures include partial or total hip replacement surgery, as well as hip resurfacing surgery, partial or total knee replacement procedures and those that focus on hands, elbow, or shoulder joints.

Surgical orthopedics and treatments help treat chronic diseases such as various forms of arthritis in the hands, knees and back. For example, rheumatoid arthritis severely inhibits mobility in the fingers and hands. Orthopedic care is designed to relieve pain and increase mobility require a team effort from specialists in orthopedics surgery as well as specialists who focus on the musculature damage such arthritis causes.

Knee problems, such as torn cartilage or tendonitis in the knee joint, caused by sports injuries are often treated with a combination of arthroscopy, or a minimally invasive procedure, or knee surgery.

Orthopedics surgery and treatments may help or repair damage to hip joints caused by traumatic injuries, fractures or osteoarthritis conditions. Such treatments may require surgical procedures to replace broken joints with partial or total artificial joints, as well as the use of pins or braces to hold bone sections together.

Sports injuries such as tennis elbow or baseball elbow may require treatment to repair damage to the tendons that attach muscle to bone at these critical joints in the arm.

Orthopedic services and treatments to reduce deformity and increase mobility of the spine and neck caused by scoliosis, fibromyalgia, bursitis or arthritis are common as well. Orthopedic surgery involves many different techniques and methods for the treatment of hundreds of bone or joint injuries and conditions that limit range of motion or cause pain in men, women and children.

Hip orthopedics, including joint replacement surgeries, has become increasingly common and allow for the total or partial replacement of joints. The use of alternative materials such as plastics, metals, and ceramic implants provides increased mobility in a great percentage of surgery candidates.



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