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Overview | Not enough rest, too much too soon, repetitive motions and simple wear and tear can result in pain and injuries that put the kibosh on your workouts. In fact, a study of college athletes published in the Journal of Athletic Training shows overuse injuries (repetitive motions involved in sports and workout routines, such as long-distance running, swimming and rowing) account for nearly 30 percent of all injuries. Inflammation, general stress and tendinitis were the most common overuse injuries reported. High-speed, full-body-contact sports most often resulted in acute injuries. Here are the most common workout injuries, how they can...

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Overview | Pain may start as a minor tweak or a twinge. At first it may hurt only when you move a certain way, but it soon morphs into a chronic pain. From knees to shoulders to elbows to ankles and every other body part, an active lifestyle makes it likely that you’ll experience inexplicable aches or pains. Figuring out when it’s safe to work through the pain or when to stop and see a doctor can be difficult. “Pain is a protective mechanism to avoid damage,” says Steven Gausewitz, M.D., chief of staff at Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine,...

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