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What are knee braces and where are they used?

post op knee brace after surgery

Those who have experienced any injury to the knee at least once in their life knows how bad it can be not only because of the pain it causes but also the way these types of injuries limit the range of motion and limit the amount of activities you can do. But there is a way how you can help your knee to heal faster and to become healthy again. And this way is to use a knee brace.

A knee brace is a supportive brace that you can place on you knee and it will provide support to the knee. It can be also described as orthopedic device because knee brace helps the knee to heal after an injury or helps to keep the knee joints intact and pain free if you have any type of illness that affects a part of the knee – the bones, muscles, joints or ligaments. And even if you haven’t experienced injury or an illness to your knee you can still use a knee brace as a precaution because a knee brace can be used in many different cases and it has many functions that vary depending on what type of problem you have.

There are four main types of knee braces that each serve a bit different purpose and is built a bit differently:

OA Unloader Knee Brace


Designed for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, the unloader / offloader one (OR036) is a low-profile brace with 3 points of leverage for reducing pressure inside the knee joint. It’s universal; fitting a wide variety of patients easily. The strapping system allows for full adjustment, but also features quick snaps for quick and easy application.


  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Meniscal cartilage derangement
  • For uni-compartment OA patient
  • Mild to moderate OA knee user


  • Universal sizing design s
  • 3 point leverage system
  • Light weight and superior fit
  • Ideal for unilateral compartment OA knee users
  • Valgus and varus adjustment to fit individual’s alignment

Functional ACL Knee Brace


Designed to provide stability and support following injury or reconstruction of the ACL/PCL/LCL, The Functional ACL Knee Brace features a lightweight sturdy frame lined with durable soft goods for the combination of optimum support and comfort. This is the perfect brace for those active patients needing additional support during recovery.


  • Knee instability due to anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament ( ACL/PCL/LCL injuries )
  • To restrict the range of motion after reconstructive surgery
  • Recommended for low to medium impact sports


  • ROM hinges with plug-in flex/ext stops
  • Extension limitation at: 0°, 10°, 20°,30°; Flexion limitation at: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°; Immobilization limitation at: 0°, 30°
  • Hypoallergenic silicone-grip strap pads for anti-migration
  • Concentric condyle pads correspond to bilateral femoral condyles.
  • Numbered straps provide desirable counter force and adjust optimal size.

OA Knee Brace Booster

ACL knee brace for sports

The OA Knee Brace Booster is a lightweight, low-profile unloading brace that is ideal for the active wearer. A sturdy frame and easy-to-use, push-button unloading mechanism help to quickly and easily align the leg and unload pressure on the knee joint. This particular knee orthosis features a simple strapping system as well as an open design, making it simple to apply and adjust, while promoting optimum ventilation, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.


  • Mild to moderate OA knee
  • Instability of knee joint or ligament injury
  • Protect knee joint after knee surgery
  • Ligament injury or meniscus injury


  • Support knee joint and share the loading force
  • Provide stability for better healing of injured tissue
  • Prevent injury in recovery phase after surgery
  • Length adjustable of thigh stay with easy setting snap
  • New material of anti slipping PU foam
  • Specific design for left or right side

Post-OP Knee Brace

knee brace after surgery


  • Post-operative immobilization
  • Rang of motion control for stabilization
  • Status post collateral and/or cruciate ligaments OP


  • Tool-free length-adjustable collateral bars prevent valgus and varus deformity
  • Newly designed telescoping adjustable ROM hinges with super wide range setting
  • Extension limitation from 0°~60; Flexion limitation from 0°~120°; Immobilization fixation from 0°~45°. Adjustable in every 15°
  • Simply rotate and press lock setting
  • Easily apply on and take off by side buckles
  • Length adjustable from 19” to 24”

Of course these four main types of knee braces also divide into more categories because for example there are two different type of unloader braces – for arthritis or ACL tears and ruptures an at least 3 different level prophylactic braces that range from basic support while you are walking or doing everyday activities to elite lever knee braces that provide stability to the knee even during most vigorous activities such as contact sports. Also you have to keep in mind that knee braces have multiple designs and styles that cater to different problems. The most common knee braces are wrap around, magnetic, neoprene and hinged braces. And the more structure a knee brace has (think with or without padding, hinges, etc.) the more expensive it will be but also the better the knee brace will support your knee.

knee support for sport

So use a knee brace either after injury when your knee is healing and if your knee is ill (just make sure you ask your doctor for permission to use one knee brace or another because if you use the wrong one you can end up hurting your knee even worse) or use a knee brace when you know you will be doing some type of activities that will put pressure on you knees – different sports, house cleaning or even a longer walk if you knees are in bad shape because a knee brace will give your knees support and will prevent injuries and pain letting you be active even if your knees aren’t in the best condition.

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Dec 25, 2016

After using many lesser priced braces, the unloader one works extremely well for my bone-on-bone pain. I think this will help me delay knee replacement for a couple more years!

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