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Elbow tendonitis--a condition more commonly referred to as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow--occurs when the tendons surrounding the elbow joint become irritated, inflamed or damaged due to overuse. This type of injury most frequently affects adults between the ages of 30 and 50 who participate in activities that stress the elbow joint, such as racquetball, golf or tennis, according to medical professionals at MayoClinic.com. If you develop symptoms of elbow tendonitis, you should seek care from a physician or physical therapist.


The most common symptom associated with elbow tendonitis is pain. Sensations of pain typically arise gradually but can occur suddenly due to an abrupt tendon injury. Initially, sensations of pain localize to the inside or outside of the elbow, according to UpToDate.com, a peer-reviewed medical information website. Elbow pain can also radiate into the shoulder or forearm. Wrist extension can cause sensations of pain as well. The use of an over-the-counter analgesic or anti-inflammatory medication can help control pain. If you develop elbow inflammation or swelling that leads to difficulty moving the affected joint, you should seek medical care immediately.

Forearm Weakness

Elbow tendonitis can lead to forearm weakness. Tendons in the elbow connect forearm muscles to the bones within the forearm and elbow. If these tendons are damaged or stretched due to repetitive use, the muscles within the forearm may become weak. This symptom of elbow tendonitis can significantly interfere with your ability to participate in activities that require arm strength, such as athletics or work-related responsibilities. These sensations of weakness typically arise in the dominant arm. You should seek medical care immediately if you have sudden limb weakness as this can also be a sign of a stroke.

Weak Grasp

Elbow tendonitis can make it difficult to grasp items with the hand of the affected arm. You may develop a weak grasp, causing you to drop items such as forks or cups. You may also experience sensations of pain when attempting to grasp or turn items such as doorknobs or wrenches. These symptoms can worsen with repeated elbow or forearm use.

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