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1) Elbow bruising Bruising of your elbow usually happens when you stumble and fall onto a hard surface. The result is bruising and sometimes inflammation/swelling. Your elbow may be tender to the touch for 48 hours but then it should subside and the bruise should start to change colour and begin the healing process. 2) Elbow sprain When you suffer a sprain to your elbow, one or more of the ligaments becomes torn or stretched. This usually occurs when you brace yourself after falling onto your outstretched arm causing a tear to one of your elbow ligaments. You may experience...

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Introduction When the joint surfaces of an elbow are forced apart, the elbow is dislocated. The elbow is the second most commonly dislocated joint in adults (after shoulder dislocation). Elbow dislocations can be complete or partial. A partial dislocation is referred to as a subluxation. The amount of force needed to cause an elbow dislocation is enough to cause a bone fracture at the same time. These two injuries (dislocation-fracture) often occur together. Anatomy Three bones come together to make up the elbow joint. The humerus is the bone in the upper arm. Two bones from the forearm (the radius...

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