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TLSO Brace Herniated Disc

TLSO Brace Helps a Herniated Disc

Injury or aging can also result in a herniated disc in the spine. Your spine consists of individual bones with cushions or discs in between them. When these discs slip or rupture, it pushes them out through a crack in the exterior resulting in irritation of the nearby nerves. A herniated disc is a result of gradual, overuse of your spine called disk degeneration.

herniated disc

Symptoms of a herniated disc:

  • Arm or leg pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness in your muscles

To help ease the pain caused by your herniated disc, we recommend starting out with anti-inflammatory medications. Physical therapy can also help minimize your pain as well as icing your back. In a rare case, surgery may be suggested if the other methods fail to improve your symptoms.

We recommend our TLSO Spinal Brace to help treat scoliosis. This thoraco lumbo sacral orthosis brace features:

  • Pulley system - wrap around design with back, abdominal panel and front panel from stomach to clavicle
  • Adjustable string and roller system perfectly supports the core muscle
  • Keep abdominal pressure in stable for better tissue healing after injuries around whole back
  • Constrain the movement from lower to upper back for spinal immobilization


    Part #     Size
    OR-BA023     Universal - One Size Fits All



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