tlso brace compression fracture
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TLSO Brace Helps Compression Fracture

Treatment for spine compression fracture can often be conservative. Treatment usually involves a mixture of reducing your activity, medication, and brace wearing. The reduction in activity will help to heal your fractured vertebrae while the medication takes care of pain.

                TLSO Brace for Compression Fracture
At Orthomen we offer a TLSO brace that is recommended for osteoporosis or compression fractures of the vertebra. This TLSO brace is a great options for dealing with compression fractures. This brace has a three point pressure system that reduces problems associated with compression fractures. The brace applies pressure to the sternum, mid back (where most spinal compression fractures happen), and the front of the hips. The brace was made with user comfort in mind.

This brace made for osteoporosis holds the mid-spine in a properly extended position, preventing unwanted flexion of the spine due to conditions like osteoporosis. This brace is good for intense osteoporosis as its main intention is to create proper spinal alignment.

If you are experiencing a more mild form of osteoporosis or a compression fracture any type of back support located in the thoracic and lumbar are will help lead you toward recovery. This back brace for mid to lower back pain is a great option for less severe cases.

If your compression fracture is located in your L1 or lower try this comprehensive spine stabilization brace. This brace helps to limit damaging motion in the region in order to treat many lower to mid back conditions.

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