One condition in which TLSO bracing is helpful is scoliosis. This condition is a sideways curvature of the spine that usually occurs when you’re growing. Scoliosis can be caused from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, birth defects, or injuries to the spine. Usually, most cases are mild but for some, the deformities will gradually get worse overtime.

tlso brace for scoliosis

Symptoms of scoliosis:

  • Uneven shoulders or waist
  • One shoulder blade is more prominent than the other
  • One hip higher compared to the other

For those with mild curves, regular check-ups to monitor any worsening of the curve suffice for scoliosis treatment. But in other cases a thoracic lumbar brace or surgery may be needed. 

We recommend our TLSO Spinal Brace to help treat scoliosis. This thoraco lumbo sacral orthosis brace features:

  • Pulley system - wrap around design with back, abdominal panel and front panel from stomach to clavicle
  • Adjustable string and roller system perfectly supports the core muscle
  • Keep abdominal pressure in stable for better tissue healing after injuries around whole back
  • Constrain the movement from lower to upper back for spinal immobilization

Part # Size

Universal - One Size Fits All (S/M/L/XL/XXL)

tlso brace for scoliosistlso spinal brace for scoliosis

 The TLSO brace’s new traction closure system allows for full adjustment in seconds, and can even snap quickly into place for quick application! The TLSO brace’s reviews speak for themselves, providing something that simply can’t be found in your average drug store.

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P. Mastrogiovanni

P. Mastrogiovanni

Got it for my husband and he loves it.

Warren Crain

Warren Crain

Started using the spinal brace immediately. Very comfortable and does the job.



This a great product, work as is described in the web site.
I highly recommend this product .

Victor R
Dallas, Tx

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