Fractures of the spine do not only occur in bones weakened by osteoporosis. Major trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, a gunshot wound or a fall can result in major thoracolumbar injury. In many such instances, surgery will be needed to repair the damage, but leading up to and following surgery, a stabilizing and immobilizing spine brace for fractures will be needed.

Spinal Fractures - tlso brace

Symptoms of a spinal fracture:

  • Sudden and severe back pain
  • Pain increases when walking or standing and twisting or bending
  • Deformity of the spine
  • Loss of height 

Anti-inflammatory medications may be used to help ease your pain if you have a spinal fracture. In addition, physical therapy is also an option to help strengthen your back and spine. To help prevent these spinal fractures, eat a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. 

tlso bracestlso spinal braces - back  tlso

We recommend our  TLSO Spinal Brace because it provides support from the inferior spine of the scapula to the sacrococcygeal junction. This back brace for compression fractures features a mechanical pulley system making it a breeze to put on and adjust. It also can be worn for pre or post-surgical care. 

Brace for compression fractureCompression fractureSpinal fracturesTlso bracesTlso spinal brace

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