TLSO Spinal Brace Instructions

1. Adjust an appropriate above size information
2. Detach waist strap and release shoulder straps
tlso brace
3. Ensure that the back panel centers in the middle of back and also place the front panel in the middle of abdominal side
4. Wrap the waist belt as snugly as possible by adjustable hook and loop closure.
tlso spinal brace
5. Tension roller speed spinal system by pulling the strings to adjust abdominal pressure, and adjust sternal pad bar to the appropriate position.
tlso brace instructions
6. Sesure bulateral shoulder buckles in front of chest.
7. Adjust bilateral shoulder straps by hook and loop closure.
tlso back brace

Instruction for size adjustment

1. Detach the straps.
2. Please an appropriate size to line up the plastic bar according to size information and secure it by hook and loop closure.
tlso size adjustment
1. Loose the two screws and adjust sternal pad bar to the appropriate position.
2. Secure the sternal pad bar to the anterior plasticinsert.(The center of the superior edge of the sternal pad bar should be 1-2” below the sternal notch.)
Instruction for size adjustment

Size Information

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Tlso back brace instructionsTlso brace instructionsTlso spinal brace instructions

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Sylvia Jimenez

Sylvia Jimenez

It was a gift for my mother and she absolutely loved it!!! It has really helped her issues with her chronic back pain

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