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Simple, inexpensive Drop Foot Splint, also known as a foot drop splint or Leaf Spring AFO designed to provide static or dynamic support for people with the reduced ability to lift their foot due to paralysis of the anterior leg muscle group.  The advantage of a drop foot brace is in its ease of use and light weight. The absence of a heel section also helps makes the drop foot brace more comfortable to wear and facilitates a better fit in many styles of footwear.


  • Drop foot secondary to stroke or peroneal nerve palsy.
  • Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological conditions.

Product Highlights:

The Premium Drop Foot AFO Leaf Spring splint is made from Injection-molded polypropylene, our drop foot AFO is lightweight and provides a dorsiflexion assist to correct foot drop while walking.Variable thickness throughout the AFO provides strength, thicker on the vertical aspect for rigidity, and thinner on the footplate for easy trimming. The anatomical design compensates for atrophy and avoids heel irritation This foot drop splint is easily trimmed with scissors and/or molded with a heat gun for a customized fit when necessary to easily accommodate most types of shoes. Follow All Manufactures instructions for achieving a proper fit.

Size: S, M, L, XL

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