Electric Transfer Care Patient Lift - Transfer Wheelchair Patient Chair

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Electric Transfer Care Patient Lift Remote Control Assist, Transfer Wheelchair Patient Chair for Home, 180° Split Seat, 300 lbs Load-Bearing Patient Lift for Disabled Handicapped Elderly

Multipurpose 5 in 1】This machine can solve the problem of mutual displacement between the wheelchairs, sofa, bed, toilet, seat, etc. for elderly and handicapped people with limited mobility. This is a product that combines 5 types of machines, and can be used as a wheelchair, shower chair, commode chair, walker and patient lift at the same time.

Motor Driving Lifting】The adjustable lift motor allows you to adjust the seat height (15.74 in - 27.55 in ) effortlessly. The remote control is equipped with lifting buttons. After charging for 3 hours, the motor can be used for more than 15 days.

Humanization Details】Waterproof IP55 (motor needn't to be removed); Detachable Washable Cushion (breathable comfortable cleaning); Safety Backrest (double safety buckle design, simple operation); Toilet Stand (easy to take out and place); Foot Pedal (provide comfortable sitting, even if the patient is sitting for a long time); Simple Installation (easy to complete assembly).

Durable Product Material】This machine uses thickened steel tube as the main structure, and the seat can support up to 300 lb. The higher PU material backrest, larger aluminum alloy pedals, and longer armrests provide users with a delicate touch and a soft and comfortable experience.

    Item     Specifications
Material Alloy Steel, PU, Silicone Cushion
Maximum Loading Weight 300 lbs
Power Supply Battery, Button on battery to power it On / Off
Rated Power 96 W
Voltage DC 24 V
Lifting Range Seat Lifting: 11.81 in
Dimensions 25.60 X 22.44 X 28.74 in
Waterproof Level IP55
Application Home, Hospital, Nursing Home
Feature Multipurpose ( 5 Types in 1 )
Functions Patient Lift / Toilet / Bath Chair / Wheelchair / Walker
Patent Yes
Wheel Two Front Wheels With Brake
It Suites For Bed Height Of Bed From 15.74 in To 27.55 in
Handles All Foldable
Control Wired Remote

What’s Included:

  • 1 Electric lift transfer chair Set
  • 1 Wired remote
  • 1 Potty
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Users manual

Guarantee Policy:

  • frame - 3 years
  • electrical - 2 years
  • batteries - 1 year 
  • controller - 2 years 
  • charger - 2 years 
  • wheels - none / on arrival 30 days
  • potty - none / on arrival 30 days
  • screws / bolts / nuts - none / on arrival 30 days
  • cushions / seats - none / on arrival 30 days

How do I assemble the Patient Lift Transfer Chair?

▶ Please read the following carefully before making a purchase:

  1. The Transfer patient lift cannot be used on a bed or couch that is smaller than 15.7" height.
  2. User's upper body must be able to maintain an upright sitting position; or else the user will incline to one side!
  3. If the under-bed gaps are less than 3.14", the lift will not be able to reach the bed.
  4. Because the tiny wheels are unable to travel past obstacles, it is only appropriate for flat terrain.
  5. The transfer chair is not designed for very weak or completely bedridden people. The user should be able to sit upright and move the left and right hips to facilitate the rear opening and closing seat plate to slide under the hips.

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