Hinged Sport Ankle Brace

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The Hinged Sport Ankle Brace provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Articulating hinges glide smoothly and allow for full, unrestricted foot flexion, which is the preferred design among therapists and trainers. Lightweight support shells with padded formed foam liners give maximum stabilization to the ankle joint in a sleek, low profile design. Integrated elastic straps provide a secure fit with no movement. Makes a great preventative brace during activity to help reduce the chance of sprains or strains.


  • Mild to moderate ankle distortions
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic use in sport activities

Best For Sport Like:          

      * Basketball * Softball * Football * Volleyball 


  • Anatomically-contoured supporting shell with hinge joint
  • Simply adjustable circumferential straps
  • Hinge design for normal gait activity
  • Specifically for right or left by anatomical design



        XS, S, M, L

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