Posture Corrector Back - Lumbar and Spinal

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Posture Corrector Back Support Lumbar and Spinal Support for Men and Women
Improve Bad Posture Hunchback Correction and Back Pain Relief

  • ❤️Posture Corrector — Our posture corrector is designed with human nature to provide proper pressure to your back and waist, help prevent hunched back or posture correction, help you stand taller and straighter, improve bad posture, hunched back correction, Pain and pain.
  • ❤️Lightweight and comfortable — Weight: 0.55kg, adopts breathable velvet breathable fabric, and the aluminum alloy bracket has good plasticity. Easy to wear, removable soft chest pads make it more comfortable and easier to clean.
  • ❤️Adjustable — The posture corrector comes with fully adjustable shoulder straps. Available in 2 sizes. M: suitable for height 160-175cm/63-69 inches; suitable for waist: 80-100cm/31-39 inches. L: Suitable for height above 175cm/69 inches; suitable for waist: 100-110cm/39-43 inches.
  • ❤️For All Genders — The whole family can benefit from this fully adjustable posture corrector for all genders. Effectively get rid of shoulder, back and neck pain caused by sprains, muscle spasms and strains. By activating the back muscles to straighten the spine in the back, it reduces the degree of kyphosis caused by osteoporosis. Teen hunchback, correct bad posture.
  • ❤️Backpack Design — Humanized backpack design, does not affect the chest and abdomen breathing, does not limit the activities of the shoulders and hands. Lightweight and invisible, it can be worn as underwear. Show your best at all times. The backrest fits your back, and you always maintain an optimal posture with your back straight and your stomach flat. An upright pose makes you look taller and makes you more confident.

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