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Cam Walker Boot ( walking cast boot ) is a controlled ankle motion boot, the Cam Walker boot are for patients who have injured their ankle (it can be either a sprain or a fracture) and also by those who have suffered from a fracture in their foot. It is typically recommended for patients suffering from tendonitis, ligament tear and soft tissue injuries of the foot. These boots control the movement of the foot during the rehabilitation process. Unlike a standard cast, the user can remove these boots while taking a shower or while allowing medicine.   Apart from that, the design...

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1. Non-inflated- Cam walkers have no inflatable bladder, but provide basic support for patients with minor injuries.  They provide an economical solution for your injury. 2. Adjustable inflation- (also knows as Air Cam Walkers) provide the patient with an inflatable air bladder giving needed compression for increased stabilization of the injury. Air cast cam walker fracture boots accommodate different swelling patterns that often are associated with the recovery process.         3. ROM (Range-of-Motion)-This version of medical cam walker fracture boot sets the angle of the ankle to a fixed set point or allows a range of movement between a set angle. This type...

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