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The diagnosis of a partial or full meniscus tear limits your physical activity. In the case of a minor tear, characterized by slight pain when you straighten the knee and mild swelling that goes away soon after the initial injury, your doctor may recommend that you strengthen the muscles of the leg to support the knee joint. Doing the wrong types of exercise can exacerbate pain and aggravate the problem, however. Use Caution If you have a meniscus problem, consult your doctor before performing any exercise program. Walking is an exercise that can help build minimal strength, but your doctor...

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Running is a wonderful form of aerobic exercise that millions of people enjoy, but it is a high impact activity, and regular runners almost invariably become injured or experience pain at some point. The knees, Achilles tendons, and soles of the feet are perhaps the most common running sites of running related aches and woes, but pain in the hip, particularly in the upper point of the pelvic bone known anatomically as the iliac crest, can be debilitating and has a variety of causes. Iliotibial Band Syndrome The iliotibial band, or ITB, runs along the outer thigh from the iliac...

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Bone on Bone Knee Pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Knee Joint Pain Treatment, Knee Meniscus Tear, Meniscus Injuries -

Most runners experience knee pain at some point, particularly if they run on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Much of this pain has to do with the high-impact nature of running, which sends shockwaves up the lower body and compresses bone and cartilage against one another. Over a long period of time, and if you don't take care of your body well, running can wear down your ankle, knee and hip joints. The meniscus is a structure in the knee designed to help prevent this, but it isn't immune to injury of its own. Meniscus Function The meniscus's primary...

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