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 Suffering from debilitating knee pain caused by unicompartmental osteoarthritis? Want to delay the need for surgery, keeping your knee joint safe and protected? Introducing the OA Unloading Knee Brace – reducing pain and delaying the need for surgery.  This advanced, low-profile brace comprises three innovative points of leverage, minimizing pressure and maximizing comfort. The brace is 100% universal, fitting an array of patients with ease and efficiency. It’s lightweight, features a superior fit and slips unnoticed under your clothing.  The knee brace’s straightforward strapping system allows for full adjustment in seconds, and can even snap quickly into place for quick...

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The first and most important step is to discuss with your doctor your lifestyle and activities that you miss because of knee pain. The treatment you choose should match your lifestyle and allow you to return to the activities you enjoy. In many cases, you may not require surgery to be active and without pain. Ask your doctor if an Orthomen osteoarthritis (OA) knee brace is an option you can try before considering surgery.     RECOMMENDATION: 1. Do You Have Knee Pain?     [1 of 9] 2. What Is Osteoarthritis?     [2 of 9] 3. How Do I Know If I Have...

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Knee braces are medical supports that are worn around the knees so as to help alleviate pain resulting from injuries or pain arising post completion of surgical procedures. They are indeed extremely helpful and come in manifold and various kinds. You could choose from knee supports, stockings, leg tractions, calf supports, thigh supports, gel knee cushions, anti-embolism above knee stockings, anti-embolism below knee stockings, anti-embolism mono stockings, knee caps, below knee stockings, elastic knee supports, gel patella knee caps, gel tri-axle hinged knee barces, hinged knee caps, knee immobilizers, light knee braces and hyper extension braces to even leather knee...

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Knee braces have long been used to help provide support, protection, warmth to enhance circulation (warmth), and to help increase one's functional abilities after suffering an injury.  Knee braces have been used by physicians as a conservative treatment approach for years to help patients return to full function after an injury.  There are different types of knee braces with features to provide the right amount of support and protection for particular types of knee injuries like an ACL partial tear vs. chondromalacia.  Consult with your physician first about your injury diagnosis and they will be able to recommend a knee...

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