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There are several treatment options, depending on the severity of your condition, but the most common are: medications or injections knee bracing surgery Talk with your doctor to understand the advantages and limitations of each.     RECOMMENDATION: 1. Do You Have Knee Pain?     [1 of 9] 2. What Is Osteoarthritis?     [2 of 9] 3. How Do I Know If I Have Osteoarthritis Of The Knee?     [3 of 9] 4. How did i get osteoarthritis of the knee?     [4 of 9] 5. What are my options?     [5 of 9] 6. Talk with your doctor     [6 of 9] 7. Treatment options  ...

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The first and most important step is to discuss with your doctor your lifestyle and activities that you miss because of knee pain. The treatment you choose should match your lifestyle and allow you to return to the activities you enjoy. In many cases, you may not require surgery to be active and without pain. Ask your doctor if an Orthomen osteoarthritis (OA) knee brace is an option you can try before considering surgery.     RECOMMENDATION: 1. Do You Have Knee Pain?     [1 of 9] 2. What Is Osteoarthritis?     [2 of 9] 3. How Do I Know If I Have...

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Although no cure exists for osteoarthritis (OA), several options are available to alleviate the pain and allow you to perform activities of daily living. An Orthomen OA knee brace is a conservative option that doesn’t require surgery. While not right for everyone, an Orthomen OA knee brace may enable you to increase your activity level and become less dependent on medications or surgery to relieve pain. Discuss the various options with your doctor. A balanced treatment program can reduce pain and improve function, enabling you to become more active than you’ve been in years.   RECOMMENDATION: 1. Do You Have Knee...

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4 Answers Spencer Chan:   Take a look at and seems that there are a good number of people who do run after meniscectomy, but it sounds like the lack of a meniscus does reduce the ability of the knee to bear the stresses of running. Basically, it probably varies on a case-by-case basis, so you should talk to your doctor and your physical therapist. Andrew Everett:  Partial menisectomy or removal of just the torn piece instead of a total menisectomy (complete removal of the entire meniscus) is much easier to return to running depending on the size...

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 Osteoarthritis alters the natural characteristics of the knee joint. This generally occurs as part of the aging process or as the result of an earlier knee injury or knee surgery. OA causes degeneration of the articular cartilage and tissues which provide a natural cushion between the bones in the knee. Patients with OA will often have abnormal angulation of the leg -- medial OA causes the knee to bow out and lateral OA causes the knee to bow in. When you stand or walk and all of your weight is on your affected leg, your body weight is concentrated on...

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