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Those who have experienced any injury to the knee at least once in their life knows how bad it can be not only because of the pain it causes but also the way these types of injuries limit the range of motion and limit the amount of activities you can do. But there is a way how you can help your knee to heal faster and to become healthy again. And this way is to use a knee brace. A knee brace is a supportive brace that you can place on you knee and it will provide support to the...

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Anatomy of the Human Knee - Infographic The knee is one of the largest and most important joints in the human body as it connects the upper (femur) and lower (tibia) leg. The muscles that move the knee are connected by tendons to the knee bones. In addition to these bones, the joint is comprised of ligaments, which connect the knee bones and provide stability, as well as menisci and cartilage which function as shock absorbers and allow the joint to move with less friction. The main ligaments connecting the bones and providing stabilty to the knee are: The Anterior...

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ACL Injuries for Best Knee Brace, Types of ACL Knee Braces -

The ACL is a crucial ligament in the knee; it is the main stabilizer for the knee joint. When the ACL ligament is damaged it can lead to giving away of you knee and general instability. If your knee continuously gives away it can be damaging to other parts of your knee joint, like the cartilage. Once you have injured you ACL and plan on returning to sport and exercise it is very important to purchase a high quality knee brace. Someone who has damaged their ACL will be at a higher risk for re-injuring that same ACL for the...

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Best Brace for Tennis Elbow, tennis elbow surgery, tennis elbow symptoms -

Anyone who has ever experienced an elbow injury knows how excruciating and inconvenient it can be. Even the smallest task, such as tying your shoes, can seem impossible when every bend of the arm causes pain. Whether you suspect you're suffering from tennis elbow or a torn ligament, it's always wise to see your doctor as soon as you feel the first twinge of elbow pain. When It's Tennis Elbow Despite its name, tennis elbow doesn't only affect tennis players. This injury occurs when the tendons -- the tissue that connects muscle to bone -- in your elbow become inflamed....

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ARM INJURY The elbow joint consists of the upper arm (= humerus), and the radius and the ulna. An acute injury is generally caused as a result of a fall or overstretching of the elbow. The main symptoms are acute pain, swelling and reduced mobility the elbow. Above all stretching is often not possible and painful. The pain is caused because the tissue around the elbow joint has been damaged. It is sometimes necessary to exclude the possibility of a fracture by X-ray examination.By offering sufficient rest, the complaints generally disappear. Elbow injuries can vary from minor to serious. The...

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