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Orthomen’s groundbreaking innovations for knee pain [9 of 9]

The Orthomen Unloader pioneered osteoarthritis (OA) knee bracing. In the past years, the inventors of a single-hinged ligament knee brace noticed that an increasing number of patients in their orthopaedic clinic had pain on the medial (inner) side of their knee. After numerous discussions with Orthopaedic Surgeons, they looked more closely at adapting their ligament brace to unload the medial side of the knee. Using mechanical forces, their patients experienced relief.

Further consultation with the medical community and numerous scientific studies proved that this new, non-invasive treatment resulted in significant pain relief for those suffering with OA knee pain. Eventually, The Unloader was adapted to treat pain on the lateral (outer) side of the knee as well. Today, Orthomen’s Unloader technology is the industry standard, with more than 20 clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy.

Unloader knee bracing: a biomechanical solution for a biomechanical problem. Building on more than 20 years of experience, Orthomen has developed an OA knee bracing product line with a variety of both custom and off-the-shelf options, for all activity levels and body types. Orthomen continues to introduce new technologies that improve comfort and pain relief.

knee pain and the unloader treatment

Unloader braces unload the affected, painful side of the knee using a 3-Point Leverage System. The thigh and calf shells account for two points of leverage, while the Dynamic Force Strap (the diagonal strap above the knee) provides the third. This system “unloads” the pressure from the affected area, providing a reduction in pain. Regular use of the brace may even slow the degenerative process, as the area receives less load on a daily basis.

The biomechanical change in the knee is demonstrated by the x-rays below.

Unloader brace    unloader knee brace



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Aug 06, 2016
Biker Dog

good news

Aug 05, 2016

I have a very old knee injury that probably will require surgery. When my knee swells and really acts up, I use this for a few days. The compression gets the swelling down and the support is an instant, “ahhhhhh.” I am very happy to take it off at the end of the day and get a second, “ahhhh” moment. I also use it when I know I will be climbing a lot of stairs and it helps keeps the pain and swelling down

Aug 03, 2016


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