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What Is Osteoarthritis? [2 of 9]

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. Today, doctors recognize that OA pain is caused by wear and tear on a joint and the associated inflammation. OA of the knee is the result of degeneration, or breakdown, of the articular cartilage that covers and protects the bones in the joint. This is a biomechanical problem. As seen in the x-ray to the right, the space between the two bones in the knee, where cartilage used to be, has narrowed and the bones are rubbing together. Your doctor may refer to this as “bone-on-bone” contact.

 Medial compartment OA
( Medial compartment OA of the left knee)




1. Do You Have Knee Pain?     [1 of 9]

2. What Is Osteoarthritis?     [2 of 9]

3. How Do I Know If I Have Osteoarthritis Of The Knee?     [3 of 9]

4. How did i get osteoarthritis of the knee?     [4 of 9]

5. What are my options?     [5 of 9]

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